What if

your portrait was more than a picture?

What If

it was your voice raised in celebration of who you truly are?

What if your portrait was more than a picture?
What if it was your voice raised in celebration of who you are?


I’m Sonja.

After years of living to please others, afraid to be fully myself, I discovered the joy and freedom of living authentically and a surprising love for being my authentic self out loud.


Now, I want to stand beside you and cheer you on as you grow your courage and capacity to live authentically, to love and celebrate yourself, and as you discover your own love for being yourself out loud!

Here are some things you might want to know…

Doing what you’re afraid of is more important than doing what you’re good at.

I believe the things you say become the things you believe.

I believe in moving away from your hometown; get out there and test your wings!

I believe in proudly telling your “skirt caught in your underwear” story every chance you get.

I believe in questioning authority, because there are new answers to be found and, you know what’s right for you.

I believe in drinking wine ’til 5 am while having a cry it out heart to heart with a friend.

I also believe in sleeping the entire next day.

I believe in spooning… everyone needs a good cuddle.

I believe making changes in your life begins with knowing your truth.

I believe raising your voice raises your strength.

I believe in pursuing what moves you.

I believe in being intentional, in all things.


(Caution!  Only read on if you really want to know the Why of me.)

Stifled. Gagged. Locked-up. This is how I’ve felt in most of my relationships, and circumstances, my entire life.

Somehow I felt it was my responsibility to ensure that others never felt uncomfortable, unhappy, put out or hurt as a result of something I said or did. I believed that if they did, it was my fault.  I rarely shared what I truly thought or felt about something, especially when I was feeling uncomfortable or hurt.  I developed the habit of “managing” people very carefully, acting in ways I thought would make them happy—or at least seem that way around me.

And, for a long time, everything seemed to work just fine this way. My relationships always appeared good, peaceful and easygoing. In truth, I was like a duck swimming in a pond. On the surface, everything seemed calm, steady and in control, while under the surface my webby-feet were paddling furiously just to remain upright and afloat. The longer I hid my crazy underwater dance, the angrier I became at the people I was supposedly doing it for, and by extension, at myself.

With all the energy I was spending paddling (keeping myself in check so I didn’t do or say anything that would make anyone upset or worried), the more I felt the pressure bearing down on me and I had to work progressively harder to keep things “nice”.

Then, a few years ago, the seemingly smooth-sailing world I had created imploded.

I found I simply couldn’t keep paddling anymore. And suddenly there I was, saying things to people that I’d long kept hidden—things the people involved deserved to hear much, much sooner. In quick succession, my sudden bursts of unexpected candor shattered some of my relationships and they fell apart and ended or become shadows of what they once were.

As someone who had worked so hard all their life to not upset or hurt people, I was gutted at seeing the sadness I had brought into people’s lives. By being inauthentic with people—for years!—I had set them up for an extremely painful and stinging experience of hurt and rejection. I couldn’t shake the guilt of knowing I’d treated people so badly. I felt utterly vile.

I spiraled into a deep, isolating depression fueled by guilt and shame that I could not overcome.

I hid.

I shrunk.

I vanished.

I turned away from people who were still in my life, afraid of what they’d think if they found out what I had done. My loneliness, anxiety, and self-doubt soared, becoming the punishment I felt I needed to endure. The business I’d started ground to a halt. I didn’t know who I was anymore. And the refrain that played over and over again in my head, feeding the fear inside me, was that I was someone who was not only unworthy of relationship and love, but someone who was, actually, unloveable.

In spite of all that, something inside me insisted that I could have a better life—one with healthy relationships and a “me” I could be proud of.

I desperately wanted this.

Not knowing how to get there on my own, I risked my pride and reached out to someone who I believed I could trust with the truth I was so ashamed of. It was the scariest—and best—decision I could have made. The first question my mentor asked me hit me in the gut:

“Sonja, is it possible you’ve spent all this time and energy on people-pleasing and hiding not because you really care about other people’s feelings, but because you are afraid people will reject you if you reveal who you really are?”


I hated to admit it, but I immediately knew that was right. Because… I knew fear. I knew fear of criticism and rejection. It had been a steady and faithful companion for my entire life.

All the time I’d been doing the work on self-awareness and healing I’d thought that the victory I was fighting for was me getting out of my depression and back to “normal” (only better).

Suddenly I realized the victory I sought was being able to love, accept and celebrate who I was.

I wanted to live proudly and confidently as myself, my identity secure in the truth of who I am, tethered by strong, deep, loving and compassionate roots. I wanted to be able to face criticism without ending up crippled by self-doubt and self-condemnation. I also wanted to celebrate other people’s authentic selves and have true relationships. Relationships built on honesty, graciousness, humility and freedom—in mutual celebration!  

This was the victory I was truly seeking. I knew it was possible. And I wanted it more than anything!

Over the next few years, I began making changes. I carefully chose a couple friends and family members to test the waters with, gradually revealing to them my REAL story and opening up about some of the ways I thought differently than they did. That may not sound so tough to do, but for me, these were huge steps. I’d grown up in a family and community of conservative faith and was surrounded almost exclusively by people who I thought believed the exact same things and who I had witnessed harshly judging people who expressed different ideas and beliefs.

Even just admitting to the people in my circle that I was starting to question some things “we” believed felt like a betrayal of my faith and a deliberate turning from God. I worried that I would be judged harshly too.  But being honest about my questions and doubts was an exercise in trust and vulnerability that I needed to take. Instead of being rejected, I was happily surprised that those I confided in met me with love and encouragement to continue investigating, challenging ideas and being authentic about my journey.

Bolstered by a few successes, I got braver. I began opening myself up to people who I didn’t already have close relationships with. People who I really didn’t know I could emotionally trust.

This new bravery came with challenges…

At one dinner I became upset by the sentiments seemingly shared by everyone at the table on a controversial issue. I didn’t agree and wanted them to know I did not share the same view! I sat nervously, fidgeting with the napkins, plates and silverware for a long while as I considered piping up… and then I started feeling something else. Excitement! I felt excited at the thought of lifting up my voice and expressing myself, even (especially?) if that meant rocking the boat!

The truth had taken root in me that it didn’t matter what others thought of my opinions. What mattered was me honouring myself, and them, by living out my true self with them in that moment.

I looked one of my companions in the eye and asked a question that I thought gave the opportunity to consider a new and different point of view. All I did was ask a question! And what a rush! Never mind that I was met with blank stares and dismissal at the thought that there could be another way to approach the issue we were talking about. I had raised my voice! I had let my feelings and thoughts be heard! And man did it ever feel powerful! And awesome!

When I embarked on this new, vulnerable and courageous way of living I thought it was going to be all about me finally stepping up in my life and sharing with the world who I really was. What has surprised me though is how this is actually so much more about me finding who I really am—and realizing that I LOVE the person I am discovering myself to be!

Learning to love myself—celebrate myself!—has turned my world on its head! I am finding I am so many more things than I ever realized.

As I continue to grow in my own self-acceptance and celebration, people’s opinions of me don’t hold the same power they used to. I’m now more grounded, less subject to the emotional highs and lows that were so connected to what I thought people thought of me. I’m getting better at finding my self-worth and confidence from within me instead of from other people’s assessments and opinions of me… and that’s having HUGE (dare I say thrilling) effects on my life!

I feel freer to express myself and follow what delights me (my creativity is absolutely tickled!). I feel safer with people even while being more vulnerable because I’m more confident in myself and in my choices. I finally trust my own judgment!

And I love this part: After years of only feeling able to say “Yes”, I’m finally able to empathize with people if they feel hurt while also being able to say “No” and set boundaries without letting my worries about hurting someone’s feelings stop me from doing what I trust is right.

This…THIS…has been a game changer.

Life hasn’t become vastly “easier” since choosing this path. In many ways, I feel I am constantly being put to the challenge, that my courage is regularly being tested.

Being vulnerable with people is scary.

Declaring that you are proud of yourself, that you like and love who you are is scary, especially when you are not used to doing it.

As I’ve been opening up more to people who I used to keep at arm’s length, I am surprised over and over again by how accepting people can be and at how often they share vulnerable parts of themselves with me in return. 

A few years ago I didn’t believe I could be this proud of who I was or this trusting of myself. I didn’t believe I could like myself let alone love myself. I certainly didn’t think I’d be able to truly be myself around people—to risk rejection by revealing my real feelings and thoughts and desires and beliefs—nor that if I did people would not only listen to me but actually, sometimes, draw closer.

Self-growth is surprising. So are people. This new freedom I am finding with myself and with others proves to me that great things can happen when you step up in courage and dare to rock the boat.



This is why I create portraits.





This is why I create portraits.



tin · gly – nerv · ous – feel · ing (noun)

– a sign you are about to leave your comfort zone and do something important

– a very, very good thing to have






So, you think you’d like to book a session with me–even if your palms are sweating a little at the thought?  I’m thrilled! Here’s an idea of what a portrait experience with me is like…


Once we have set a date for your photography session, your prep work immediately begins.

For your experience to be successful, I ask you to bring yourself—all of yourself—to the table. Your wishes, your hopes, your hurts, your fears, your feelings about yourself (the good ones and the bad ones), about things that have happened in your life, about things you want to happen in your life. All those parts of you that really make you who you are.

Those are the things I am asking you to bring to your session and to start digging into and connecting to before your session.

More than what clothes you’re wearing or how your hair looks, these are the parts of yourself that are really going to make your portrait a portrait of you. These are the things I want you to embody, to explore and express leading up to your session and during our time together.

Yes, while you are in front of my camera.

Because, as you may have already figured out, your session is about more than making a picture of what you look like. It’s about you connecting to yourself and to your truth. When you do that, your true self will effortlessly shine through. And that’s what we are going after together.

Yes, this is scary. The good stuff usually is.



Now your portrait day is here. It will likely unfold somewhat like this.

During your session, we’re simply going to hang out for a while. Maybe for an hour, maybe two or three depending on how we sense we’re doing at getting down to the heart of what it is you feel you need to and want to explore and express. I only photograph one client per day, so I am completely focused on you and the time you need.

Most of these portrait sessions take place in my studio, a small, relaxed and comfortable space. Sessions are usually simple and intimate, with just you and I present and perhaps an assistant who will pop in and out as needed. It truly depends on what our requirements are for the experience and on how comfortable you are with another person in the room.

We may have some music playing during your session, or we might not. It all depends on what we feel in the moment is helpful for us. If you are at a tender point in your life, some calming music playing in the background could help you relax and connect to what you want to say through your portrait. If you are in a really joyful and pumped up place in your life, we might turn up the tunes and get a little loud and crazy and goofy! 

Maybe, you just want silence.

The mood of your session truly comes from you. 

I will lead you through some movements in front of the camera and guide you through some questions and reflections. These will help you stay connected to the reason you want to make your portrait at this time in your life. You will find yourself becoming more in tune with your emotions and bolder in expressing yourself the way you want.  

The value of your session comes so much from the reflective attention you give to yourself leading up to it and during it. And, from you being brave during your session in giving voice to what is burning inside you.  

Your time with me is really your opportunity to take time out to connect with you.



About two weeks after your portrait session we’ll get together again to view the initial images. If you don’t live locally and are unable to come back to the studio at that time we can make alternate arrangements for this meeting.

I will help you decide then which portrait we will print and frame as your final art piece for your home.

Then, I get to work doing by-hand fine art finishing on your selected portrait. When I deliver your piece to you four weeks later, it is archival-framed and ready to be put up in your home.

Whether you display your portrait prominently in your house or place it in a private area for you to enjoy personally, it will be a piece of importance in your life, reminding you again and again of your strength, your courage in being authentic and the joy you feel in being and celebrating yourself.

Your portrait will be your reminder that you are a person who dares to be audacious and that you choose to live authentically, that you love and that you celebrate who you are.


This is your opportunity to declare who you are. To rock the boat! To use your voice unabashedly and unapologetically! To be courageous in trusting yourself. And, to find freedom in you being the one who defines who you are.


It’s an activity I believe in so much now that I dedicate my photography work to it. To you. Dare to experience the freedom of surrendering to and finally loving who you are, giving up the frantic striving to be who everyone else says you should be.

I dare you to join me in rocking your boat.

Reach out to me via email…


Or using the form to the right.

I will read and respond to your message within 48 hours, Monday through Friday. 



I love you guys. Wow! You are brave.

You come to me to be photographed in a way you have never been photographed before: guard down and emotionally-naked, vulnerably exploring your pasts and your emotions, sharing with me your precious hopes and your deepest beliefs—and often your fears.

You aren’t sure of what the outcome of our work together will be but you trust the process.

You want the process.

You recognize that the experience of being photographed like this is just as important for you as the final images we’ll create. Because you know this is about more than having your picture taken.

It’s about you taking a risk: the risk of being, and of loving, yourself.

Through this experience you know you’ll become more of the person you want to be: more honest, more open, more confident, and most importantly, more you.

You choose the experience of photography because you know it is a way you can explore parts of yourself and express yourself that you cannot any other way.


You know photography is powerful. And you are so, so right.

Pictures connect us to ourselves, in a most honest, vulnerable and powerful way.

And that’s exactly why portraits are so important. When you bring all of yourself into the experience of making your portrait, your portrait gives you something immensely powerful back: a connection to yourself, to your strength, to your beautiful openness and kindness and love. Most importantly, to the you that you now celebrate, accept and are unabashedly proud of.

Your portrait brings you back in touch with that true you again and again and again. Every time you look at it.

Each of you have different reasons for wanting to do this work with me. But you are all united by this feeling in your gut that tells you putting yourself out there and being photographed in this way is something that you need to do.

And you astound me.

You feel the fear and then you go and sign up for this intimate, sometimes awkward and funny, sometimes scary, empowering, maybe tear-jerker experience. It’s a true leap of courage and faith.

And I love you for it.


Through your bravery you continue to help me grow my brave.

Through your vulnerability and trust you help me be more vulnerable and trusting.

Through your love and acceptance of yourself, you help me be more loving and accepting of myself and, I believe, of others.

By accepting and celebrating your authentic self, you inspire the rest of us to do the same. And I actually believe you are helping to make the world a better place because of it. Yeah… simply by having your picture taken.

These words by Caroline Caldwell remind me of you:

“In a society that profits from your self-doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act.”

You are my rebel heroes.

And I love being audaciously rebellious with you.

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